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Atlas Orthogonal in Bend Oregon

Oregon Head & Neck is the first and only chiropractic clinic in Bend Oregon to offer the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure.  Atlas Orthogonal (AO) is a gentle and precise form of chiropractic care that focuses on analyzing the relationship of the Atlas bone or first cervical bone relative to the skull and the rest of the spine.  The Atlas bone is located directly underneath the skull and is one of the most unique bones or vertebrae in the entire spine.

The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure employs no twisting or popping of the neck. A gentle percussion wave instrument is used to precisely adjust the Atlas bone.  The force of the percussion wave instrument is as light as 4-6lbs. Most patients remark after their first adjustment that they didn’t feel anything during the procedure but are surprised at how much better they feel afterward.

Oregon Head & Neck is located in the Old Mill District in Bend Oregon.  Dr. Sheppard treats patients from all over the northwest.  Most of the patients come to the clinic to find relief of chronic health conditions including: headache, migraine, vertigo, neck pain, TMJ disorder, numbness and tingling in the hands, arms, or face.  For more information about Atlas Orthogonal please visit or to schedule an appointment to receive Atlas Orthogonal in Bend Oregon call us today 541-213-2190.

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