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Meet Dr. Ian Sheppard

Helping Others Reach Better Health

Bend Chiropractor Dr. Ian Sheppard

Dr. Ian Sheppard of Oregon Head & Neck

Dr. Ian Sheppard has had a strong interest in health since he was very young. During his chiropractic studies, Dr. Sheppard was fascinated by the idea of helping people without using drugs or surgery. It was this natural approach to thinking about health that made him decide to attend chiropractic college.

Learning and Training

To complete his education, Dr. Sheppard attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. There, he learned more about our bodies’ innate abilities to heal and how chiropractic allows our nervous system to function properly.

It was also during his time at Life Chiropractic College that Dr. Sheppard learned the Atlas Orthogonal method that he uses to a great extent in his practice today. Learning this upper cervical care technique made Dr. Sheppard even more passionate to share chiropractic by focusing on balancing our head and neck to allow for our optimal health.

Living an Active Life

There is so much to do in central Oregon, and Dr. Sheppard greatly enjoys living in our community. He is an avid fly fisherman who loves to be outdoors and he enjoys hiking. He and his wife are currently expecting their first child and have a golden retriever who happily accompanies them on all their outdoor adventures.

Your body is capable of doing so much when we work with you toward removing any interference in your health.

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